Thank you Hans

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Thank you Hans

Post  lhama on Wed Jan 14, 2009 3:45 pm

cheers Your Vimeo videos are absolutly fantastic cheers

The music is really great, and the videos really undelines the music in a smooth dreamy way.

I've been away from music production in a couple of months (I just got a son a couple of months ago Very Happy ), so my messing about with Omnisphere has been slowed down to a hault.... Sad

No more. These songs and videos inspired me to go back to production and start making music again.


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Re: Thank you Hans

Post  Hans Scheffler on Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:01 pm

thank you lhama!
that must be one of the nicest compliments i ever got! Inspiring fellow musicians to get creative is quite an achievement!
But being able to distract a father from changing diapers must be the ultimate challenge!
jocolor lol! afro
No really-i am having too much fun! I almost feel like all these songs have been just waiting for Omnisphere to burst thru the surface and materialize. Everytime i sit down and noodle around it takes a couple of minutes and i am inside the creative process. And since many of the sounds are so visual it is really easy to turn the music into a video.
As a nice sideeffect of going public with my creations, I am getting requests from other musicians that want me to do videos for their music. I already finished the first two for a guy in australia.
Although that was never my plan, i find that i immensly enjoy doing that

Congratulations to your newborn son!

Hans Scheffler

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