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Post  bigcohoona on Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:34 pm

It's said that "you have not because you ask not" I might as well ask.

It would be pretty cool if Spectrasonics developed an "App" for Apples iPhone and iTouch, that could be used as a controller via bluetooth, with both PC's and Macs.

I know a few other companies are coming out with midi apps for iTouch and iPHone and I've seen a demo used triggering and controlling Ableton's live, so I know it is possible, it might even be easy...I dunno. It is, however, pretty amazing watching a DJ controlling his mix from such a small hand-held's like having a wireless Faderfox controller... only smaller.

But for all practical purposes, really the most important future capabilities I'd like to see would be along the lines of Omnisphere becoming more open source, or perhaps another Spectrasonics instrument with the same mangling abilities but with sampling and 3rd party library support. Can anyone say "Omnisampler"?

It would also be fantastic if their was more integration with Stylus, perhaps linking effects or various other control elements together. For instance, it would be a blast to be able to apply chaos to both RMX and Omnisphere at the same time in the same way...linked. With the ability to save these presets, both effect chains and linking data. Of course you could do this in various ways inside your DAW, but it would be a neat feature for Eric to upsell.

Just my 2 cents....of course with the economy...make it 1.


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