Best Contrrollers for Omni

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Best Contrrollers for Omni

Post  Cage4theBirds on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:06 am

The Title for this New Topic says it all about this post.

I am new to Omnisphere--new to soft synths altogether--and I am wondering if any of you OmniHeads have any recommendation for what hard keyboard controller is the best overall for these sounds.

Since I am mainly using synths to create Dark Ambient soundscapes behind readings of my fiction and my main character's poetry, I am equally interested in whether any OmniHead has any word on Other-Than-Keyboard controllers...

I've been looking at Kurzweil's new PC361--but I am of several dizzying minds about these keyboards. (And I am new('_')bie enough to still not recognize the controller that all the SpectraSonic's PsychoAcoustic sound designers seem to be using in those preRelease viddys. (I mean the one that Diego of "The Borning Piano" Fame is using near those satelittle dishes...the one that looks to me like some manner of Korg...)

Thanks in advance for any attention or recommendations you offer to my humble post...


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Re: Best Contrrollers for Omni

Post  bigcohoona on Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:54 am

As to controllers.....

Well, there are a few things to look at, first off it doesn't sound like you need weighted keys if that is true then there are more possibilities for you than me (I'm a pianist, & need the weighted). This also depends on what DAW your using for recording/live play. I usually use Logic for studio work and ableton live for gigs. My primary solution involves using a Novation SL controller. I have the "zero" model which has no keys only because it sits on top of my keyboard. I would probably recommend you go with an SL61 as it has a great software interface which is very easy to customize all the controls with whatever plug-in/software you are using.

Another easy solution might be to buy a cheaper keyboard such as M-audio's axiom series and by Novation's Nocturn which was made to control plug-ins.

My favorite setup would be to use a primary keyboard for your main playing (if your a keyboardist) and then use a Novation SL25 (with 25 keys) purely as a controller for Omnisphere/DAW. You can use each key on the SL as a trigger for sound parameters or whatever key shortcut you might want to create as well as the regular mapped keys. Novation has some amazing support with their "Automap" software, it works seemless with all the major DAW's and imho especially seemless with Ableton and Reason.

The Korgs are also great little keyboards..I think the largest model is a 49 key though...why? I have no idea, I've asked Korg to make their controller line bigger/better for years (I have a Korg K61).

Hope this helps,


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