X-Y performance pad (w/automation support)

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X-Y performance pad (w/automation support)

Post  darren on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:46 am

This is probably a 2.0-sized update because it would mean going through the existing library and editing each sound to support such a feature... but it would be awesome to have Alchemy-style X-Y pads to allow me to use VSTi automation to evolve a sound over time in a way that works well with the music I'm writing.

Kore 2 also has something like this, with 8 sound variations that you can grag the mouse across. It's VERY effective in the Reaktor Spark sound pack. You can hear Reaktor Spark in action here:

Release by Darren

I used automation to tweak both the arpeggio in the back and the leading guitar-like sound to fit the mood I wanted to build in the song in ways I can't just do with a mod wheel.


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