Cubase 5 Sound Frame and Omnisphere

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Cubase 5 Sound Frame and Omnisphere

Post  darren on Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:39 am

I just ordered Cubase 5. Right now, I'm an Acid Pro 7 user, but C5 seemed mighty tempting. I'm watching some of the instructional videos as I wait for my "backordered" copy of C5 to arrive (won't ship till May 8!!). One thing I saw that looked really interesting is Sound Frame. It's a feature in C4 & C5 that is very similar to Native Instruments Kore 2's file browser, which integrates patches from "all" of your VSTi plugs into one browser.

This could either be totally useful or completely useless depending on whether or not the VSTis that I use support it.

So I guess the question is... does Omnisphere support it? Omni is my most important VSTi. But I think with the included synths in Cubase 5, I'll be using a mix of sounds across different VSTis.


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