Omni used in Remix Competition ...please vote by 29th May

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Omni used in Remix Competition ...please vote by 29th May

Post  Stu_Art on Fri May 22, 2009 7:39 am

I created a 'remix' of a song by a worldwide artist called Steven Wilson (from bands like Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, NoMan etc) for his competition to remix one of his solo tracks called 'Abandoner', ...and am amazed to see that I have reached the top 8, out of some 200 entries....and now its all down to voting to see if I can actually 'win'. Shocked

Essentially its made using parts of his original 'Stems', my Fantom G6 and Omnisphere. You'll clearly hear the Dream Piano and my tweaks on sounds like the deep cello string sound, plus in the guitar and rythmic sounds too ... Cool

If you get the opportunity before the 29th May to vote for me that would be really appreciated.

My track is No. 6 Orchestral Remix ....sort of dark 'Earthy' Orchestral mix.

You can visit directly via this link >> STEVEN WILSON REMIX COMPETITION

Alternatively, the easy way to support is to just send an email to:
And put in the subject line: SWI Remix Vote - 06

That's it

Many thanks for your support!

Stu Very Happy


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