Omni with FL issue

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Omni with FL issue

Post  Stephen Nicholas on Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:00 am

I know that you can use just one ex. of Omni in FL and get 8 sounds out -
yet cannot get my head around "the how to" part! I need pictures or a vid before it sinks in Rolling Eyes

a/ I quote "adding Omnisphere to a channel and then setting the Omnisphere Plugin to be a specific Port number (Port option in the top right hand corner)"... top right of what? the plug-in?

b/"Then add a "Midi Out" instance on the other channels and send those to the same port as you used in the Omnisphere Plugin." ?

Please anyone, is there an easier way of explaining this for me? Razz

A big thx to anyone up to the challenge Surprised

Stephen Nicholas

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