How can i reload old self multi & patches ?

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How can i reload old self multi & patches ?

Post  Drorsh4 on Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:43 am


So i updated the Omni, 1.5..Great, now I have the same old bullshit probms in an "upgraded version".

I decided to reinstall the Omni from scratch BEFORE upgrading..I took my "user" libraries from the STEAM, and stored them so i can reload them to the new STEAM after reinstalling.
so I did..
Install+upgrade. copy & paste my own Project Multi and Patches (i work so hard on ) from the desktop to the new USER libraries in the STEAM.
The Omnisphere doesnt recognize any of them. THERE IS NO LOAD OPTION OR Library REFRESH!
Now i'm in a project, commercial one, and i cant have my own patches..

Please, please help.
I had enough troubles with this mega problematic instrument already.


(Every new project i say to myself "stick to NI" and everytime i'm ending up touching the Omni & then trying to get through a project in one piece)


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Re: How can i reload old self multi & patches ?

Post  Hans Scheffler on Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:37 pm

There is a little icon at the bottom of the browser that looks like a circle arrow. Thats the one to refresh the browser.
Try it-works great here.
I use Omni everyday in my projects and never lost a patch or multi.

Hans Scheffler

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