Rearranging effects, arpeggio, slots and layers

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Rearranging effects, arpeggio, slots and layers

Post  jobromedia on Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:54 am

How come one cannot reorder the effect rack? There should be up / down arrows beside the effect menu button. I'd say make that button a square or an arrow pointing right, and put up / down buttons above and below it.

And this is something that the arpeggio section could benefit from. Say you want to quickly flick a pattern around to test out how it sounds. Right now one has to redraw the arpeggio. With left / right buttons one could move the arpeggio around 1 step at a time.

And this could be awesome to have handy when you need to quickly build patches. Say that you want to switch places of the soundsources. Right now one has to reload both sources, with a click on a button one could swap them around more easily.

Regarding the arpeggiator, it would be sweet if one could just arpeggiate one of the layers like you can set only one layer to use glide.

The same goes with the multi timbral slots. Add drag & drop support to rearrange the positions of the patches.


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