Omnisphere updates question

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Omnisphere updates question

Post  BigEmptySky on Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:52 pm

Hello all, glad I found this web site. I am a newb here and I am sorry if my question has already been covered but I have not seen it yet.

I have a question for you seasoned Omnisphere users.

I bought Omnisphere via eBay - not so sure that was one of my brightest moves in life - I am still trying to get the serial number and manual from the guy I bought it from. So I have 6 DVD's in hand and no SN yet - not so much fun for me yet.

He says he bought it when it came out. So my thinking is that was a 1.0 release? Via an email he said something about it being Software 1.0.1e, Soundsources 1.0.1 and Patches 1.0.2.

I have been searching the web and I have found that the current release is Software 1.5.6d, Soundsources 1.0.2 and Patches 1.5.5. I created a login at Spectrasonics but until I get the serial number from the guy I bought it from I cannot see what updates are there - and - I hope this guy transfers ownership to me too - otherwise I am screwed - thinking positively for now and am waiting for this guy to get back to me with the serial number and the manual (which is supposed to have the SN in it per the Spectrasonics web site) - he apologized for not shipping it with the DVD's and says it's on the way.

Here is my question: Once I get Omnisphere installed will I be able to update to the current versions right away? I see people here asking questions about various updates and applying them in a particular order etc and then their install no longer works etc.

Does Spectrasonics combine their older updates into the newer updates?

Would I be able to go from Software 1.0.1e, Soundsources 1.0.1 and Patches 1.0.2 to the 1.5.5e update that I have read about (supposedly it has a software update, Patch Library update and Soundsource update) and then apply the 1.5.6d update?

Is there a specific order of applying the updates? If - for example - Omni is at Software 1.0.1e and there is a Software 1.0.1f is that how Spectrasonics updates go? I hope that is not the way it is. How many updates are there to get current? Does the Spectrasonics web site once you have your SN and register tell you what updates you need?

I am on a Mac - though I doubt that matters when it comes to updates. When Apple releases an update it is a combined update - if a user is at OS X 10.5.2 Apple has an update that would bring them up to 10.5.8 (the last 10.5 update before 10.6.x came out). Are Spectrasonics updates the same way?

Any help is appreciated.



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