Omnisphere patch sound changes and disapears

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Omnisphere patch sound changes and disapears

Post  alsklaftsk123 on Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:30 am

So i use omnisphere with reaper. I have one issue with it. The sound is not consitent with it. For example if i use the "glourious guitars patch", and i write in a note, semetimes i will get a slide on the start, sometimes not. I included a project in this post as an example. Here i have some ambient stuff, but when i render it, the waveform looks a little diferent every time, and peaks different places. Sometimes when i play the track, the sound of a note just disapears (this dosent happen with other stuff than omisphere). I have a project with alot of long notes using some watery-liquid AMB patches, and i get that the sound disapears at times after the note has lasted a while. Is this a bug, or just how omnisphere is? I have set round robin to no variation.


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