live 8 audio dropout w/ omnisphere

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live 8 audio dropout w/ omnisphere

Post  alexsga on Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:59 pm

I really hope you guys can help me here. I need to finish a song and Omnisphere won't let me and I'm tearing my f*ckin hair out here.

I am recording an Omnisphere line using the "Eurosweepers" sounds (and I have tried recording with its various sound sources, one of which is the JP8000 sound) into a project in Ableton Live 8. I can record the midi notes just fine, like so:

With those of you that are familiar with Live, I freeze the Midi track and drag the midi clip over into an audio slot in order to convert into audio, like so:

now: notice how everything looks ok here. BUT! do you see the abrupt cutoff in the audio clip? this last screenshot shows what happens when i play the audio clip until it hits the cutoff ableton just randomly decided to put in:

ableton doesn't really crash - playback continues. but look at the master volume level. 0. the clipping that occurred in the omnisphere audio file shuts down the whole audio engine or something. i've tried re-recording at several lower volumes, and no use. same issue.

is this a RAM problem? is this just a bug with a few specific patches in omnisphere? i'm running v1.0. do i need to update?


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