Sonar X3-B-Omnisphere-multitimbral-recording separate tracks/voicings Omnisphere Mult/Mixer tab

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Sonar X3-B-Omnisphere-multitimbral-recording separate tracks/voicings Omnisphere Mult/Mixer tab

Post  BillWatkins on Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:09 pm

Hello All,

A perplexing issue that's turning me a bit bonkers as I can easily do this with DimPro and other softsynths.

I am trying to set Sonar/Omnisphere to be able to record individual tracks (midi/audio) with different patches/voices using 1 instance of Omnisphere and it's Multi/Mixer section and the assignable Channels/Outputs. I did find a forum post that directly spoke to this and followed those setup steps, but to no avail.

What occurs is that I can record midi (strings) on the 1st midi track and it plays back nicely, all controllable via the MCU. When I set the 2nd midi track and set a different voice (soprano vocals), there is no sound heard, nor recorded. Things are set as follows:

In Soanr x3b I did as follows: (this from a Forum post on how to sort this out)

1. added Omnisphere via browser - Midi Source, Synth Track Folder, all synth Audio Outs Stereo which gave me Track Folder, 8 stereo audio tracks, assigned A to H and one midi track, no channel

2. cloned 7 more midi tracks, select all new midi tracks and moved to the track folder folder

3. assigned midi channels 1 thru 8 on those midi channels

In Omnisphere Multi / Mixer tab set as:
1 Ch 1 / Out A - individual voicing (strings)
2 Ch 2 / Out B ditto (vocals)
3 Ch 3 / Out C ditto (bass)
4 Ch 4 / Out D ditto (etc....)
5 Ch 5 / Out E ditto
6 Ch 6 / Out F ditto
7 Ch 7 / Out G ditto
8 Ch 8 / Out H ditto

on midi track (9) recorded string passage - recorded, and plays back nicely. Sonar shows routing as In=All Inpts C1 (Ch 1) Out = 3Omnisphere1 which is the only available out for Omnisphere - other outs are MCUPro USB 3.1, KeyStation 88 and 'drum map' - InputEcho=auto-thru

set midi track (10) voicing via Omnisphere Multi/Mixer tab which shows as CH 2 / Out B patch = Soprano vocal. Sonar routing shows as All Inpts C2 (Ch 2) Out = 3Omnisphere1. when this track is selected InputEcho= auto-thru is active and REC button will toggle on/off via mouse or MCU

I hear no vocal sound on this track from Omnisphere when triggered via KeyStation on midi track 10 (soprano vocal) - I tried various other routings with no joy. In theory I would think this should work. As I mentioned I found the post on this setup from the forum and suspected it would resolve this.

I want to be able to use 1 instance of Omnisphere, record a track, play back that track and record another in typical 'old school' fashion. I also want each track controllable/mixable via the MCU Pro.

I feel I am missing something very simple here, but just don't see it. Any and all help is always greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best Regards to All !
CHO Virginia
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