Suggestion for adding new category to FORUM

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Suggestion for adding new category to FORUM

Post  kracken_74 on Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:24 am

Hello everyone!
New Omni-user here.

I give you this idea from a Kurzweil forum that I was using the times I had a Kurzweil.

Since we're a lot Omnisphere users that we have this HUGE soft-synth in our bands,
it would be great if the most experienced users with the omni could help us with the patches of popular songs.
I don't know if there any similar category to this forum, but I think that it would be a great tool for the cover bands
like the one I have and for other cover bands that use the OMNISPHERE

So, either you agree to start something like is or you don't agree I NEED YOUR HELP

I want to reproduce the lead sound from Uprising (MUSE) Since I searched almost the entire library of Omnishpere, I couldn't produce anything similar to the specific sound.

Thank you all and HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE  Very Happy


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