Several omnisphere plugins use FAR less CPU than multi out?!

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Several omnisphere plugins use FAR less CPU than multi out?!

Post  alsklaftsk123 on Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:57 am

Hi! I have always been annoyed with the 8 multi out thing in omnisphere. It takes a while setting up, it takes 17 tracks (for 8 sounds) and it is just to hard to work with a midi and audio track routing to the one vst. I checked today what the cpu would be like if i loaded 8 instances of omnisphere instead of a multi out (that would leave me with 8 tracks instead of 17). When i used 8 instances of omnispehre (with only a preset loaded to bank 1) i used about half of the CPU i used with the multi-out. It uses alot more ram tho. Is this too good to be true?! I screenshoted the performance meter for the whole projects in reaper (my daw) for both instances as you can see in the link below. Im on windows 7, 32 bit reaper.
I would really be intrested to hear what you got to say. If it does use alot less CPU with 8 instances, but more ram, what would be best?


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