Logic Pro X "Auto Demix" and Omnisphere Multi-Output

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Logic Pro X "Auto Demix" and Omnisphere Multi-Output

Post  HFTobeason on Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:47 pm

Does anyone know why Logic Pro X's "Project Settings -> Recording -> Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording" does not seem to function when the MIDI recording target is an Omnisphere Multi-Output instrument?

I have an 8x2 Omnisphere Multi-Output instrument instantiated, with all its aux tracks split out and visible in the Arrange window. The primary track is set to MIDI Channel=All, the remaining 7 tracks to MIDI Channels 2-8. As expected, I can input external MIDI and hear the 8 tracks individually, depending on the incoming MIDI assignment. I can record all 8 tracks live with incoming data on each of the 8 MIDI channels. But - when recording stops, I have to manually ctrl-click on the resultant recorded region and select "Separate by MIDI Channel" in order to split the regions across all 8 tracks. In any other setup that I've tried - i.e. NOT an Omnisphere multi - this last step happens automagically.

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions very much appreciated.



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