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Help a new user out please

Post  cm1179 on Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:07 pm

Hi there. I use an Imac with logic X and have omnisphere 2, trilllian and stylus.

Individually, I am getting to grips with them and am very impressed.

My problem is, I can't use them together or get them to play back together.

eg. I open up a project, multi timbral. fine.

Load stylus, make a drum pattern and it will play.

Load trillian, make a bass patch, it will play whilst trillian is open. put it into logic.

Go to play back both items combined and trillian ( or whichever programme i have open) will play back but from the other programme, ( eg stylus ) i get no sound.

I'll save, close logic, re-open. no sound at all.

Am i supposed to save the sounds I make in another folder and drag them onto logic or save as a default?

How can I get omnisphere, trllian and stylus to work together so I can make a finished piece?

Any help would be appreciated as it's driving me mad and I'm sure it's a simple solution but one that evades me so far.

Thanks for reading.


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