Learn to tweak Omnisphere or?

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Learn to tweak Omnisphere or?

Post  lica on Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:22 am

Hope some one can give me some advice.
Iíve had Omnisphere for some years now, both Omni 1 and 2.
Iím not very technical and my force is not sound design. Iím a songwriter trying to learn to produce decent demos of my pop songs.
I love the way Omnisphere is organized with the browser and so on, itís so easy, and I also have Trillian and Stylus and they work so fine together so thatís another plus.
But my problem is that it is rarely the Omni sounds I use. I usually end up using some of my Nexus sounds. But Nexus is much more difficult to browse and I have a feeling that Omnisphere can produce the same sounds and a lot more if I learn to tweak the presets.
So my question is:
If I learn more about synths and so on can Omni produce the same sounds as Nexus or is it basically something else.
I like minimalistic stuff and Omni is often so big.
I have the MacPro video course ďCore OmnisphereĒ and Iím trying to learn more, but thatsí for Omni 1, so Iím considering one for omni 2 as well.

I think I know pretty much how to browse and so on, but how to manipulate the sounds, and what sounds fit together, thatís my problem.
Should I learn more or give up on Omni and maybe buy Komplete or something else?


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