Impose Osc settings on a given Soundsource

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Impose Osc settings on a given Soundsource

Post  dr.wackler on Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:23 pm

Kind of a double post from the 'All things Omni' section, but I thought I might share it here where it belongs....

A nice 'hidden' feature of Omnisphere is, that when you save an Oscillator preset with an empty Soundsource field, you can later impose any such Oscillator preset on the Soundsource that you have currently loaded. The settings change, but the Soundsource remains.
This way you can very quickly try a number of different complex Oscillator settings on any given Soundsource.

Of course you wouldn't want to create settings while you can't hear them (with the Soundsource being empty that is). Unfortunately though, there is no function to remove an already loaded Soundsource from a Patch (which would be necessary before you save the Oscillator preset).
But no problem, if you proceed like following:

When you've set up some nice settings (with some soundsource loaded of course), you
1. switch to Synth mode,
2. temporarily save the Patch,
3. reload the Patch, and
4. switch back to Sample mode (which now will have an empty soundsource field, but still your settings).
5. Then you can save the Oscillator preset.

Your Oscillator preset is now ready to be imposed on any Soundsource.

Would be even more fun, if one could save and recall Oscillator presets including their modulation routings! Maybe in the future.


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