Omnisphere Crashes Cubase v.4.1.3

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Omnisphere Crashes Cubase v.4.1.3

Post  nickfevola on Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:21 pm

Hi everyone. We've been having some major problems with Omnisphere and I'm writing to see if any of you have any ideas for us.

We are running an 8-core 3.0GHz Windows XP machine with 3GB of RAM and using Cubase v.4.1.3 as our host sequencer. Cubase crashes immediately as soon as we try loading an instance of Omnisphere. We tried unloaded all of the other VST instruments we had loaded and Omnisphere still causes a crash upon loading.

I've read about the 3GB switch and we've already got that activated on our machine. We've also downloaded all of the most recent updates offered by Spectrasonics. At this point the plugin is entirely unusable and we've been waiting for three days to hear back from Spectrasonics tech support after 4 phone calls and an email.

Any information you have would be much appreciated.



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Re: Omnisphere Crashes Cubase v.4.1.3

Post  novata on Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:28 pm

When Cubase crashes it usually generates an error log within the Cubase/log folder. It may give a clue to the problem, however, my Cubase SX3 crashes everytime I load a multi-modwheel crossfade and then close Omni and automate. I have e-mailed and they have got back to me.
They asked me for the instance that this had occured, so I have sent them the log file and screen grab of the crash.
I'm hoping they will fix it soon. Your problem sounds worse as you can't even open Omnisphere without crashing. I'd find that frustrating.

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