Put off from using Omnisphere because of CPU buzz

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Put off from using Omnisphere because of CPU buzz

Post  novata on Sun Oct 19, 2008 6:21 am


I'm really annoyed. Evil or Very Mad I can't understand why, but everytime I use Omnisphere I'm getting a CPU buzz, like it's trying to load in the samples and buffers it everytime it has to play a part from my track. I'm really put off from using it.
Could someone please tell me the best set up on the systems page?

I don't really understand what it means and I keep on tweaking the Pre-load memory size, Num Bytes per read and the stream brake knobs but they don't seem to make a difference. confused

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Re: Put off from using Omnisphere because of CPU buzz

Post  MarkM on Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:12 am

the best way to diagnoise a problem is to step back. When you originally installed the software - were you getting this cpu buzz? If not have you installed anything since? retrace your steps and stay positive. The fact it's not happening to everyone means it's something with your set up and if it's not something that always existed then you've a good chance of fixing it

Let people know either way so we can help you. It could be some ram issues also? It could be some buffer setting? chin up


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