Omnisphere Update V. 1.0.2d

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Omnisphere Update V. 1.0.2d

Post  xun on Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:38 pm

Includes fixes for the following:

Aftertouch mod controller preference can't be reset to aftertouch.

Master and aux effects racks don't have sample rate set properly.

MIDI Learn of attack and release on Main page doesn't work.

Tuning scale doesn't reset upon patch restore in some cases.

Patch saving fails when STEAM is in a folder called Omnisphere Library.

Legato LFOs should not be retriggered with each Arpeggiator note.

Need Part Clear on Utility Menu.

MIDI Note Learn problem in Live Mode.

Multi browser may step down to next item when host loads a multi while Multi browser is displayed.

Startup performance problem with preset menus on some systems. cheers

Arpeggiator problem when closing plug-in window.


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